Another Political Compass

Much has been said that a left-right breakdown isn’t sufficient. There are many dimensions involved. For libertarians, that is personal freedom and economic freedom. 

Here’s a new political compass that looks at statism vs. property rights. 


Lesbian Teen Pregnancy Rate 2-7x Higher Than Hetero Peers

Try to wrap your mind around this statistic. Via Daily Wire

Teenagers (and adults) who self-identify as “lesbian” are having a lot of straight sex, poking a giant whole in the Left’s most sacred “born this way” mantra so often weaponized against the religious right.

As noted by author Glenn T. Stanton writing at The Federalist, studies show both lesbian and gay youths have two to seven times higher pregnancy rates than that of their heterosexual peers. Lesbians in particular are shown to have much higher pregnancy rates than straight teens. (Note: Gay teens were measured by the rate in which they got a female pregnant, obviously.)

Unsurprisingly, lesbian and gay teens were shown to be more sexually active than straight teens.

It’s important to note two things here. First, the teens identified as lesbian or gay; not questioning; not bisexual. Second, a rare study delving into self-identified adult lesbians showed their rate of pregnancy, too, being higher than hetero peers and boasting an abortion rate double that of heterosexuals.

So, what’s going on here? Why are “lesbians” getting impregnated by males at a much higher rate than their heterosexual peers? Stanton gives one explanation: the “born this way” mantra is seriously flawed; sexuality is especially “fluid” for females, being mostly shaped by “social, cultural, emotional, and situational developments than some deeper internal drive.”

Majority Women in STEM

I mentioned STEM statistics by gender previously. 

Here are some interesting facts about which countries have women earn the majority of science degrees. 

Do you notice a pattern? 


If this had anything to do with social justice and gender equality, Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc., would be right on top. Right? 

So the progressive narrative falls apart again. 

Here are the facts. 

UK police warn man to stop criticizing Islam on Facebook

A man in Britain was visited by police and told to take down his material that was critical to Islam from Facebook. “Thou shalt not speak ill of Islam”. 

He states:

The officers themselves were polite and reasonable enough, however their message was somewhat chilling: it was insinuated that if I continued to post material which could be considered critical of Islam or offensive to the practices of Muslims, I could potentially be arrested for ‘hate crimes.’

Equally chilling was that I have no idea how they obtained my personal information and they weren’t willing to disclose this information during their visit.

Here’s the backstory. 

According to an update on the page called The Church Of Mogg, the page itself was frozen by Facebook for two weeks, and the owner was advised that they could face arrest for ‘hate crimes’ if any further content of that nature is posted in the future.

Perhaps one of the most worrying parts of the Facebook post is that they say they have no idea how the local police obtained his details without some sort of court order or similar legal action.

At the time of writing, this question remains unsolved.

The post states:

As you will all now all be aware, I was visited last week by two local police officers who wished to provide ‘words of advice’ regarding supposed Islamophobic content posted onto this page, which was itself locked and suspended for a fortnight.

The officers themselves were polite and reasonable enough, however their message was somewhat chilling: it was insinuated that if I continued to post material which could be considered critical of Islam or offensive to the practices of Muslims, I could potentially be arrested for ‘hate crimes.’

Equally chilling was that I have no idea how they obtained my personal information and they weren’t willing to disclose this information during their visit.

On the advice of some patrons of this page I have this morning submitted a formal complaint to the IPCC and also made written enquiries to the Police and Crime Commissioner to try and get answers.

I will of course keep you all updated with the progress of these enquiries.

Thank you all for your kind words, messages and patronage. It has been very helpful.

Why People Buy Medicines From Overseas

People buy medicines from overseas because they are overwhelmingly cheaper. I have friends in California and Arizona that go into Mexico to buy their medicine. They get the same medicines for a quarter the cost. 

Now the question is: why are the US drug prices so much more expensive? Answer: look to the federal government. 


As readers of my research and writing on internet-sourced medicines will know, medicines bought from credentialed pharmacies are as good quality as those bought from brick and mortar pharmacies and US-based web pharmacies.

The above chart shows why people buy medicines sourced from overseas: they are overwhelmingly cheaper. The most expensive price of each of seven medicines sampled equates to “1”, and then the averages of the price of good quality “passing” medicine as related to the most expensive is recorded. From over 800 samples it is pretty obvious that US-sourced medicines are always more expensive than any other source. The US provided the most expensive medicine in each case and easily the highest averages. Take cipro, the first dot on the chart. The US average price is 0.9 (90% of the most expensive price), whereas the EU (not including UK) is about 0.5 (50%) and India is merely 0.12 (12%).


Harvard’s discrimination against Asian Americans must end

Via Edward Blum, visiting scholar at AEI and president of Students for Fair Admissions. 

The Justice Department confirmed last week that it is examining claims of racial discrimination against Asian-Americans in university admissions. It is possible that this will result in investigations and lawsuits targeting our nation’s most competitive schools — or both.

This is a significant and welcome development. If the Justice Department follows through — as it should — what its lawyers will find at Harvard and other Ivy League schools is an unfair and unconstitutional process that restricts the number of Asians admitted. That should alarm all Americans.

Sadly, Harvard has a long and ugly history of using “holistic” admissions to discriminate against high-achieving minorities. As many historians have detailed, nearly 100 years ago, Harvard’s leadership believed it had too many Jews because almost a quarter of all Harvard freshmen were Jewish.

In 1920, in a letter to a colleague, Harvard President Abbott Lawrence Lowell warned that the increasing number of Jewish students enrolling at Harvard would ultimately “ruin the college.”

To solve their “Jewish invasion,” Harvard invented the “holistic” admissions system, which diminished an applicant’s academic achievements in favor of subjective factors like “leadership” and “sociability.” Within a year, holistic admissions decimated Jewish enrollment.

Today, Harvard’s discriminatory policies target Asian-Americans — call it the Asian problem. To end this discrimination, Students for Fair Admissions, a nonprofit group which I lead as president, sued Harvard in federal court.

Read further over at AEI

The Terrorists Have Won

In Australia, a court has upheld a decision by a local government to bar the construction of a synagogue near Bondi Beach. Officials say the synagogue could become a target for terrorists, endangering the neighborhood as well as beach-goers. 

A local council has banned the construction of a synagogue in Bondi because it could be a terrorist target, in a shock move that religious leaders say has caved in to Islamic extremism and created a dangerous precedent.

The decision, which has rocked the longstanding Jewish community in the iconic suburb, was upheld in court this week as the nation reeled from the alleged airline terror threat and debate raged over increased security measures at airports and other public places.

The Land and Environment Court backed the decision by Waverley Council to prohibit the construction of the synagogue in Wellington St, Bondi — just a few hundred metres from Australia’s most famous beach — because it was too much of a security risk for users and local residents.

Jewish leaders are shocked the decision appears to suggest they cannot freely practice their religion because they are the target of hate by Islamist extremists — and that the council has used their own risk assessment of the threat posed by IS against it.

The head of the local Jewish community said the council and the court had effectively stifled freedom of religion and rewarded terrorism.

“The decision is unprecedented,” Rabbi Yehoram Ulman told

“Its implications are enormous. It basically implies that no Jewish organisation should be allowed to exist in residential areas. It stands to stifle Jewish existence and activity in Sydney and indeed, by creating a precedent, the whole of Australia, and by extension rewarding terrorism.”

Paris Hit by Terror – Again

Here we go again. 

Six French military officers were wounded on August 9 when a driver seemingly deliberately plowed into them in the Paris suburb Levallois-Perret.

The officers are members of Opération Sentinelle, whose very job is to protect French citizens from the terrorist threat.

At publication time French authorities had not said who was behind the attack but given recent experiences in France, Germany and Israel it seems almost inevitable this was the work of an Islamist terrorist.

Here’s a brief timeline of recent terror attacks in France:

  • June 19, 2017 – Car ramming on Champs-Élysées accompanied by planned shooting and bombing
  • June 6, 2017 – Self-professed “soldier of the caliphate” attacks police officer with a hammer by Notre Dame
  • April 20, 2017 – ISIS claims responsibility for shooting attack on Champs-Élysées
  • March 18, 2017 – Police officer shot and injured in Paris suburb Garges-les-Gonesse
  • February 3, 2017 Man shouting “Allahu akbar” wielding machete attempts to enter Louvre
  • 2016 – At least 11 terror attacks including:
    • July 14, 2016 – 86 people killed and 434 wounded when cargo truck drives throughBastille Day crowds in Nice
  • November 13-14, 2015 – 130 dead and 368 wounded in wave of attacks including at Bataclan concert venue and outside Stade de France soccer stadium
  • January 7-9, 2015 – 17 killed and 22 injured in attacks on Charlie Hebdo offices and Hypercacher market

Via Clarion Project

Islamists Claim Beds More Dangerous Than Terror

Australian Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir has sought to downplay the threat of Islamism by claiming that falling out of bed is a bigger threat. The group, which seeks to implement sharia law as state law and create a global Islamic caliphate, made the comments in a two-minute video.

“Terrorism is statistically irrelevant in Australia, but the media and the government continually exaggerate it pretending to care about innocent lives,” the group said.

The video was released two days after police charged three men for an alleged terror plot to bring down a passenger plane and let off chemical gas at Sydney Airport.

Whilst statistically it is true that more people are killed by falling out of bed annually in Australia, this is only due to the work of security services.

If Hizb ut-Tahrir were successful in implementing their goals, Australia would become an Islamist state ruled by a caliph with no democracy.

Video via the UK’s Daily Mail