Hunt on for murder suspects

Body found in wooded area east of Troy, carjacking in Moscow believed to be related. 

Stay safe out there! From the Daily News

Law enforcement in the area are searching for two men – Keagan Tennant and Matthew McKetta – in connection with the murder of an 18-year-old Pullman resident in a wooded area near Troy and an alleged carjacking Wednesday night in Moscow.

According to the Latah County Sheriff’s Office, a body was found Wednesday on Nora Creek Road just off state Highway 8 east of Troy after a witness came forward to the sheriff’s office. Latah County Sheriff Richie Skiles said investigators have determined the victim died from a gunshot wound and that the homicide is believed to have occurred Monday. While officials have declined to identify the victim, an individual who told the Daily News he is close to the victim’s family, indicated the victim is Tim Reeves of Pullman. That individual, Jerry Taylor, said he is close with the mother of the deceased and that Reeves was a “good kid.”

The two suspects are believed to be armed and dangerous, and they may be driving a white 2002 Pontiac Grand Am automobile with Idaho license IBX8758. Skiles said the vehicle was taken in a carjacking Wednesday night in Moscow.
Moscow Police Capt. Roger Lanier said police responded to the 900 block of Almon Street around 10:45 p.m. Wednesday after receiving a report that a pizza delivery man had been robbed at gunpoint after delivering a pizza. According to police, the delivery man said he was walking back to his car when two white men, whose faces were covered with bandanas, approached him with a revolver. The two men allegedly took money from the driver, demanded his car keys and left in the Grand Am he was driving.

Lanier said the driver identified Keagan Tennant as one of the alleged robbers, but he was not able to confirm McKetta’s involvement.

Keagan Tennant is the adopted son of a Pullman Police Department officer, Cmdr. Chris Tennant. The PPD released a statement Thursday on its Facebook page indicating that it was assisting the LSCO and the MPD in their investigations. The post also stated Chris Tennant had not been in “regular contact” with Keagan Tennant, but he is actively helping investigators attempt to locate the two men. Chris Tennant offered his condolences to the victim’s family as well.

McKetta, of Moscow, was born in 1999. According to the Idaho Repository, McKetta has pleaded guilty to three driving infractions since 2015 and five other cases have been sealed by court rule or judicial order.

Keagan Tennant appears to have been posting to his Facebook page as recently as 7:24 p.m. Tuesday. The most recent post to his page featured a meme from the Facebook page “No Snitches Allowed” showing a skeleton, dressed in a robe, sitting at a bar with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. Text with the meme reads, “Whoever I end up with will be lucky as f#$k. I’ve done so much s$%t for the wrong people I can only imagine what I’ll do for the right one.”
The sheriff’s office is cautioning the public to not approach Keagan Tennant or McKetta and to call 911 if they are seen. If anyone has information relating to either of these individuals, contact the Latah County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 882-2216.

Chinese investors set new record buying US real estate

The Chinese have been buying real estate all around the globe. The US isn’t the only country that they are buying up. I know there’s a significant push for their buying land in Canada as well. 

A record $31.7 billion was spent by the Chinese on US residential real estate in 2016, keeping their leading position regarding dollar sales for the fourth consecutive year, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

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A Baltimore police officer accidentally recorded himself planting drugs at a crime scene

Not very bright, this one. 

It’s not especially rare to hear stories of a police officer abusing his power. But it is pretty rare to see a story in which the cop actually records himself doing it.

That’s what seemed to happen in Baltimore recently, when a police officer appeared to accidentally record himself planting drugs at a crime scene. In the January 2017 video, reported by Fox Baltimore, officer Richard Pinheiro puts a bag of pills under some trash in an alley. He then walks to the street. He then switches on his camera, walks back to the alley, and acts like he just found the drugs for the first time.

Here’s the crucial mistake that Pinheiro apparently made: He apparently didn’t realize that body cameras often save the last 30 seconds of footage before they’re manually activated. So all of that preparation for his big faux discovery was caught on tape.

“I’m going to check here,” Pinheiro says as the camera is activated. “Hold on.” He then walks to the scene and acts like he’s looking around. Finally, he comes to the spot where he put the pills, picks them up, and says, “Yo!” The other officers appear to play along with his fake discovery, as if this is all routine and normal.

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Theresa May denies suppressing report on Saudi terrorism funding to protect UK arms deals

The governments don’t want to rock the boat with Saudi Arabia. There’s money to be made. 

Prime Minister Theresa May has shrugged off accusations that her government is ‘sitting’ on a report on alleged Saudi Arabian funding of UK extremists in order to protect diplomatic ties and lucrative trade deals with the Gulf kingdom.

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