Moscow council again goes after $20M grant

NewImageThis will have amazing ramifications around Mountain View Park. Via LMT

The Moscow City Council has reapplied for a $20 million grant to improve transportation flow and infrastructure on the Mountain View Road corridor.


The city first applied for the grant through the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grant program in the spring of 2016 but was denied.


If the $20 million grant is approved, the Mountain View Road corridor between State Highway 8 and the east end of Mountain View Park would be reconstructed with bike lanes, new sidewalks, pockets for left-hand turning lanes and a roundabout at the intersection of Joseph Street and Mountain View Road.

The bridge on Sixth Street that spans Paradise Creek also would be replaced. Grant awards will be announced next spring.

Curtailing with the West’s ‘powder kegs’

NewImageI’m shocked that the AP ran an article critical of environmental policies! 

Lightning started a forest fire one August afternoon near this Oregon tourist town, and it was spreading fast. Residents in outlying areas evacuated as flames marched toward their homes.

Just a few months earlier, the U.S. Forest Service and a group of locals representing environmental, logging and recreational interests arranged to thin part of the overgrown forest, creating a buffer zone around Sisters.

Workers removed trees and brush with machines, then came through on foot to ignite prescribed burns. That effort saved homes, and perhaps the community of 2,500 on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range, by slowing the fire’s progress and allowing firefighters to corral it.


Scrutiny of the condition of the American West’s forests, and of policies that curtailed logging and suppressed wildfires, has intensified amid a devastating wildfire season that has burned a combined area bigger than Maryland and caused widespread destruction in California’s wine country.

Until the advent of aggressive fire suppression at the turn of the last century, forests were historically shaped by low-intensity blazes, with the flames clearing underbrush but not killing tall trees. Forests across the West are now so overgrown they’ve been called powder kegs.

Student sues UI over response to sexual assault

This is why the universities need to be 100% out of criminal enforcement. This should be turned over to the police and the courts, not a bunch of academics. Via the LMT

A lawsuit filed in federal court alleges the University of Idaho failed to accommodate and protect a victim of sexual assault.

According to documents filed in U.S. District Court of Idaho, the victim claims that after filing a formal complaint and informing university officials of a sexual assault by another student, she received no accommodations from the school and was told that if she didn’t want to face the male student in class, she could listen to audio recordings of her lectures at home, sit in the back of the classroom or move to the Boise campus.

“It’s not an accommodation, it’s punishment,” the victim claimed in an email sent to the university’s Title IX coordinator, Erin Agidius.

University spokeswoman Jodi Walker said she was “unable to comment on pending litigation.”

Enrollment at LCSC down for the first time in 4 years

NewImageThis is likely a barometer of times to come. Via KQQQ: 

Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston has experienced its first enrollment decrease in 4 years.  The college’s official enrollment taken on the 15th shows 3,746 students on campus this Fall.  That’s down nearly 5% from last year.  L-C officials say the growing economy is partly to blame as more students are choosing to enter the workplace.  No word yet when the University of Idaho will be releasing its enrollment numbers.

Keep the mayor’s team


I want to urge voters to vote for Bill Lambert in the upcoming election. I have known Bill over 20 years. I know him to be an advocate for the needs of our citizens. Under Bill’s leadership Moscow is thriving. Bill is the mayor for all our citizens. He has great ideas for the future of Moscow. We need to re-elect Bill Lambert in November,

We have several incumbent members of our City Council running for re-election. I speak of Walter Steed, Gina Taruscio, John Weber, and Art Bettge. These four along with Bill Lambert have made Moscow a better place to live. They listen to the input of our citizenry and make decisions based on the best information available to them.
I ask you all to vote for Moscow’s future by re-electing these council members and our current mayor.

Don Meyer