Chicago Weekend Shootings Up 81 Percent As Residents Abandon the City

Reminds me of the 1981 dystopian movie “Escape from New York”

Chicago Weekend Shootings Up 81 Percent As Residents Abandon the City

As long as the slow-but-steady genocide continues to be generally accepted by the Powers That Be in Chicago, we will continue to point out their crime of ignorance against humanity. This past weekend saw four people murdered and “at least” another 34 wounded in shootings across the Chicagoland area.

Tennessee Passes ‘Milo Bill’ to Protect Free Speech on College Campuses

“The new law also bans “free speech zones”

We’re starting to make some liberty progress in Amerika. 

Tennessee passes the ‘Milo bill’ guaranteeing free speech on colleges

As college campuses across the country, especially in California, suppress free speech to protect liberal students’ feelings, the state of Tennessee just passed a landmark law named after Milo Yiannopoulos to ensure no students are shut down because of their political beliefs.


On May 9, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R) signed the Campus Free Speech Act, allowing the strongest free speech enforcement bill in the country, reported the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

Under the law, all college campuses must adopt policies consistent with the University of Chicago’s Free Speech Policy Statement. It states that the colleges must be fundamentally committed “to the principle that debate or deliberation may not be suppressed because the ideas put forth are thought by some or even by most members of the University community to be offensive, unwise, immoral, or wrong-headed.”

The new law also bans “free speech zones” considering every part of the U.S. is guaranteed the First Amendment and forbids institutions from rescinding invitations invited by students and faculty.

Faculty are also protected under the law from liberal activist students who try to oust professors for triggering them.

Tearing Down the Statue of Lee

General Lee was opposed to slavery. He called it a “moral evil.” He never purchased a single slave and the slaves he inherited from his father-in-law, he freed. Which is more than can be said for the numerous Union generals who owned slaves. General Lee was also opposed to secession. He was offered the job commanding the Northern Army, but he declined because, as a Virginian, he could not bring himself to march an army against his home and his sons. Tell me: would you do differently? Would you take up arms against your family? Is that such a simple choice? Can you really not appreciate the complexity of the situation that General Lee faced?

General Lee was widely respected on both sides. Read the accounts of his surrender at Appomattox to understand just how highly regarded he was by the men who actually did the fighting. He was one of the greatest Generals this country ever produced, and he was a man of honor and dignity. General Grant recognized that, his soldiers recognized that, Lincoln recognized it, yet we today, in modern times, cast him aside as a racist and a traitor. Disgraceful.