Germany in crisis as coalition talks collapse over climate hysteria and migration

NewImageSimilar to Moscow’s Greens, Germany’s want to shut down all industry and jobs. 

Part of me wishes that they would be granted their heart’s desire: learning to live in the Dark Ages again. 

Berlin – Chancellor Angela Merkel was left battling for political survival on Monday after high-stakes talks to form a new government collapsed, plunging Germany into a crisis that could trigger fresh elections.

While the Green Party demanded to phase out coal power and combustion-engine cars, the conservatives and FDP emphasised the need to protect industry and jobs.

And with no other viable coalition in sight, Germany may be forced to hold new elections that risk being as inconclusive as September’s polls.

Twitter unverifies users with unpopular views while literal terrorists remain verified

Looking for the parity here. 

Twitter rolled out new policies this week that saw several users with “controversial” views either banned completely from the website or having their verification status removed. According to the new policies the companies rolled out this week, the blue-check mark usually displayed on the accounts of famous people will now be removed if they are found guilty of hate speech on or off the platform.

That’s right, on or off the platform. Twitter will now monitor what users do when they are not online, and punish them online when they do things in real life that the Twitter support™ deems inappropriate.

Censoring “hate speech” is cool and all, except the way “hate speech” is interpreted apparently only applies to users with right-wing/ libertarian/ anti-feminist views, according to the way the policy has been implemented. Meanwhile, Islamist extremist organizations like The Muslim brother remains verified:


Fun fact: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader received a life sentence last year, which was upheld on Wednesday by an Egyptian court for his role in violence that broke out in the Egypt last year.

But if you are a liberal with posts promoting murdering the POTUS, that’s OK. Can you even imagine if Twitter-verified conservatives had posted the following things about Obama? 




Man shot at, detained after shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ at Spanish-French border

NewImageFunny, you never see cops pull guns on someone yelling “Jesus is Lord”. </sarcasm>

A man believed to be of Moroccan origin has been detained in Spain after he reportedly behaved suspiciously and failed to obey authorities’ instructions at a border crossing with France. The incident happened early on Saturday morning, Catalan media reported. The man was driving a car and going to cross the border when he was stopped by security forces. He then allegedly locked himself in the car and started shouting “God is greatest” in Arabic. When he eventually exited the vehicle, the man reportedly put his hand in a pocket despite instructions to keep his hands in sight, forcing the guards to shoot. He was injured in the leg and hospitalized. The incident is now being investigated by local authorities.


Chanting American flag-waver heckled at UC Berkeley in ‘social experiment’ VIDEO

In the first part of a 2 1/2-minute video filmed at UC Berkeley early November, Horowitz is seen parading the Stars and Stripes, chanting loudly: “The greatest country on the Planet Earth that protects our freedom!” and similar praise. His sentiment did not seem to strike a chord with the crowd: those who chose to pay attention had some pretty unpatriotic comments.

“The complete opposite,”“Canada’s pretty great,” and “Your flag sucks, fool!” were some of the reactions seen in the video, along with quite a few examples of “F**k America!”

“I was out there for about an hour, and in that hour we had about 20-25 people making negative comments about the flag and maybe three or four had positive comments to say of the flag.”

In the second part of his video experiment, Horowitz went on campus again, this time brandishing a custom-made flag of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), calling on the Berkeley crowd to join the jihadists while denouncing “US imperialism.”

“ISIS protects Islam… I denounce western imperialism. I denounce American imperialism,” Horowitz can be seen shouting.

The video shows no negative reactions to the apparent display of ISIS propaganda, with two young men even seen thanking Horowitz for taking a stand.

“Good for you, man. Good for you,”a young man is filmed saying.

“I love that you’re saying that,”another said.

“I was yelling ‘ISIS, come fight for ISIS,’ I said ‘ISIS’ every third word,”Horowitz told RT, arguing that while the ISIS flag might have escaped onlookers, the words left no denying who he appeared to be representing.

Horowitz said that while he was waving the ISIS flag for two hours, double the time he stood with the US one, he only“got one person who thought it was obnoxious.” 

“For the most part, people were not simply saying a word, they were ignoring it, that were looking at me and looking away,”the activist said, adding, “No matter what you expect, it’s still shocking.”