‘Threatening to the Established Heteropatriarchal Order’ – Slate Argues Ariana Grande’s ‘Sexuality’ Caused Terror Attack

The leftist Slate says that it’s the fault of the “established heteropatriarchal order” for the Ariana Grande concert attack last night. 

You’ve got that right: not the terrorist’s fault; not The Religion of Peace’s™ fault; but the victims’ fault. 

According to Slate’s Christina Cauterucci, Manchester was “a massive act of gender-based violence.” The bombing was an assault on female sexuality, which is a threat to “the established heteropatriarchal order.”  This despite the fact that one of the victims was male. To Slate, Grande is a sexy performer whose fans are girls, and the attack was an assault on “an artist whose global brand is one of blissful, unsubdued feminine sexuality.”

Radical Islam is a death cult that wants to destroy the West – men, women, and children. They don’t like our women, our men, our movies, our books, our buildings and our freedoms.

With the authorities still sifting through the debris and families mourning, Cauterucci – a feminist who would be one of the first put against the wall in a country run by jihadis –  has had the good taste to launch a diatribe that’s right out of a Wellesley Women’s Studies seminar.

Because to cultural Marxists, absolutely everything in the world, from puppies to unspeakable terrorist attacks, comes down to race, class, or, in this case, gender. Whether the facts are all known or not.

From Slate:

They targeted fans of an artist whose global brand is one of blissful, unsubdued feminine sexuality. Grande has long been the target of sexist rhetoric that has deemed her culpable for any sexual objectification or animosity that’s come her way. Her songs and wardrobe are sexy, yet she’s maintained a coy, youthful persona; the combination has led some haters to argue that she’s made her fortune by making people want to have sex with her, so whatever related harm befalls her is entirely her fault.

Like her pop-superstar predecessor Britney Spears, Grande has advanced a renegade, self-reflexive sexuality that’s threatening to the established heteropatriarchal order. If the Manchester bombing was an act of terrorism, its venue indicates that the attack was designed to terrorize young girls who idolize Grande’s image. Terrorism works by making people afraid to go about their daily lives, doing the things that make them feel human and whole: going to work, shopping at the mall, traveling by plane, dancing to Latin music at a gay club, singing along to a fun pop tune that lets young women envision themselves as powerful, sexual beings.


White supremacist teen converts to Islam, kills Neo-Nazi roommates for insulting his faith

Ok, here’s a doozie. 

‘Neo-Nazi’ in Florida National Guard arrested after explosives found at Tampa Palms murder scene

TAMPA – A man accused of shooting his two roommates Friday in a Tampa Palms apartment told police he shared neo-Nazi beliefs with the men until he converted to Islam then killed them because they showed disrespect for his faith.The revelations weren’t over. 


Officers found a garage stocked with bomb materials as they arrived to investigate the double homicide, leading to federal explosive charges against Brandon Russell — a Florida National Guardsman and admitted neo-Nazi who kept a framed photo of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on his dresser.

Russell, 21, was the man Tampa police officers found crying outside his door Friday evening when murder suspect Devon Arthurs led them back to the apartment that the four had shared in an affluent suburb north of the University of South Florida. Russell, wearing camouflage, had just returned from National Guard duties.

Police went to the apartment in the Hamptons at Tampa Palms after Arthurs, 18, told them he fatally shot his roommates Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18, according to a Tampa police report.

While searching the garage, investigators found a cooler full of a white, cake-like explosive material known as HMTD, or hexamethylene tiperoxide diamine, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court. Nearby, they found explosive precursors — chemicals that can be mixed to create explosives — including potassium chlorate, potassium nitrate, nitro methane and more than a pound of ammonium nitrate in a package addressed to Russell.

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Texas Lawmakers Are Considering Their Own Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’


The biology deniers are confused. 

Texas legislators are preparing to move forward on a directive similar to North Carolina’s “bathroom bill,” and it’s not coming without a fair amount of heat from the left. 

State Rep. Chris Paddie of the state’s 9th District has introduced an amendment to the Senate version of a school emergency bill, S.B. 2078, which will require public school students to use the restrooms designated for their biological sex.

Most believed the Texas “bathroom bill” was dead after S.B. 6 failed to pass the state House of Representatives ealier this year. However, Paddie’s amendment, which addresses the same major issue as the original bill, made it through the Texas House on May 21.

No gender offenders NewImage NewImage NewImage 

Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly concert blast in Manchester

And here my first thought was the radical, fundamentalist Anglicans in the UK. </sarcasm>

The Islamic State claimed Tuesday one of its “soldiers” carried out a deadly blast in Manchester that killed at least 22 people, including teenagers and others streaming out of a pop concert.

An ambulance official said 12 children under age of 16 were among 59 injured in concert attack. One of those killed was an 8-year-old girl, Saffie Roussos, the Associated Press reported.

The Islamic State statement did not give any details about the attacker or how the blast was carried out late Monday. The statement was posted on the online messaging service Telegram and later noted by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors militant websites.