Ghazi: Chemical Weapons Used by USA!


Update: Ghazi chose to respond to this post on Moscow’s Vision2020 Venom2020 website. I’m posting his comments here in full so you can follow up on them for yourselves.

Let me guarantee you, as a military professional and retiree: the USA has not been using chemical weapons. That’s a fantasy from the far left progressives. See for yourselves the sources that he cites: all left-leaning with an axe to grind. Even the Wikipedia article he cites refutes the claim.

Here are some sources for Dale and others to explore–right-mindedly, but more importantly, open-mindedly; no “fake-news,” “no alternative facts,” but absolutely verifiable facts.  Given his meritorious career with the U.S. Navy, however, one would have thought Dale would be quite familiar with these facts.

(1) A few sources that provide evidence about Israel’s use of chemical weapons:;   
Haaretz, 10/22/06; New York Times, 1/21/09; “Israel used depleted uranium shells in Syria,” Jerusalem Post, 5/6/13; also see;   As for Israel’s stockpile of nuclear/chemical weapons, see this BBC documentary:
A must–The following website provides pictures of Gaza children, killed by Israeli chemical weapons (phosphorous gas), summer 2014……..

(2) As for Fallujah (Iraq), see Wikipedia (with numerous references): “Fallujah, the Hidden Massacre”–,_The_Hidden_Massacre;  See Newsweek, ll/22/04;; ; The Fallujah operation was called, “Operation Phanthom Fury”).  Also see The Independent (UK), 11/8/05; The Guardian, 11/15/05.

Also check Amnesty International reports, Human Rights Watch, Israel’s Human-Rights group B-Tselem, Red Cross, etc.

One can also further explore these issues on various websites and other sources (including books, professional articles).

Bless his heart. Moscow’s Emeritus Professor, Shaikh M. Ghazanfar, must be getting his fake news these days from the far-far left, out of orbit progressive websites. He says that the USA, under Gen. Mattis, has used chemical weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan. And that Israel has been using chemical weapons in Gaza!

He writes in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News:

The recent chemical-weapons carnage in Syria is universally condemned – and rightly so. The gruesome pictures humanized even President Donald Trump (“no child of God should suffer such horror”), and he responded appropriately.

However, Nikki Haley, our UN ambassador, had noted, “We don’t know yet the source of yesterday’s attack.”

And the UN is investigating. Former Sen. Ron Paul and others suggest Syrian President Bashar Assad couldn’t have done it. Thus, some wonder if the “Iraq has WMD” fiasco is being repeated.

Be that as it may, we too have used chemical weapons, most recently in Fallujah, Iraq, led by Gen. James Mattis (now defense secretary, nicknamed “Mad Dog” for his callous disregard of human life); he also employed them in Afghanistan. Ironically, he recently reminded the world of the Geneva Convention ban against chemical weapons. The horrific legacy of depleted uranium continues in Iraq, with stillbirths and birth defects still occurring in what Iraqi doctors call “genocide.”

Gen. Mattis didn’t earn the nickname “Mad Dog” because he was using chemical weapons! Here’s a link to a CNN article that explains where that nickname came from: Mad Dog was a Nickname Given by the Press.

And Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu displayed his usual hypocrisy. He “was shocked and outraged” to see “babies suffocating.” He forgets his own burning of Palestinian children in Gaza with phosphorus gas in 2014 and in earlier Israeli invasions of Gaza and Lebanon, even Syria; and his justice minister applauded the poisoning of “little snakes.”

Doesn’t look like Ghazi has much love for the Israelis, either.

Even Saudis have employed chemical weapons in Yemen.

These events are documented in U.N. investigations and various human rights reports.

Indeed, it is our short-sighted imperial privilege: for the same deeds, condemning and punishing some, engaging ourselves; ignoring or condoning others.

S.M. Ghazanfar
Acworth, Ga.