Firm Behind Trump Dossier Offered Stories About Trump to Media – Reports


Earlier this year, Fusion GPS issued a dossier first published by BuzzFeed on Donald Trump, which later turned out to be funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Fusion GPS, the company behind the infamous dossier on Donald Trump’s alleged ties with Russia, has been pitching defamatory information about the US president to media outlets in Washington, including a story linking him with Jeffrey Epstein, US financier and convicted sex offender, The Washington Times newspaper reported, citing journalist sources.

The story about Trump’s contacts with Epstein, which first appeared in January 2016 in an article by Ken Silverstein for Vice News, claimed that the US president had several interactions with the financier, which included attending a major dinner together. Ironically, Bill Clinton, a former US president and husband of Trump’s election rival Hillary Clinton, appears to have closer ties with the financier, including multiple trips on Epstein’s private jet.

Here’s the quote:

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