Book Haram Update on Kidnappings


I want to do a quick autopsy on the NY Times report and the BBC report about the releasing of the Boko Haram kidnapping victims. 

Back in 2014, the NY Times correctly reported these facts: 

  1. These were Christian girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria. They attended a Christian school in Chibok. 
  2. The photos show the jihadists dressing them in hijabs. 
  3. They were “encouraged” to convert to Islam. 
  4. The videos show them being forced to chant the Koran (in Arabic) by memory. 
  5. The Islamists admitted to the press that they would rape them as young as 9 years old and take them for war brides. 

But the most recent NY Times article has a crazy statement.  

Yet it was the singular act in Chibok that trained the world’s sights on this war in Nigeria. Images broadcast by Boko Haram not long after the kidnapping of the veiled girls sitting on the ground in captivity resonated with celebrities and everyday people alike and spread across social media, where a #BringBackOurGirls hashtag became popular.

The implication is that the girls were veiled when they were kidnapped — already Muslims. Nope. These are Christian girls who were forced to veil themselves and convert to Islam. 

And the BBC reports the following:  

 Many of the Chibok girls were Christian, but were encouraged to convert to Islam and to marry their kidnappers during their time in captivity.

“Encouraged to convert to Islam”? And “encouraged to marry their kidnappers”? Is that like the Nazis encouraging Jews to relocate to concentration camps? Or the Bolsheviks encouraging Russians to move to Siberia? 

Methinks that the BBC doesn’t know what the word “encourage” means.