School chief doesn’t explain public defecation at hearing

I hope it was worth it to lose his $147,000+ salary. 

A school superintendent accused of repeatedly relieving himself during early morning workouts and leaving piles of his own feces next to a track at a New Jersey high school didn’t explain his behavior during a brief court hearing Tuesday.

Thomas Tramaglini is charged with public defecation, lewdness and littering. He appeared before a municipal court judge Tuesday morning.

Authorities say surveillance video caught Tramaglini in the act in late April following an early-morning run at Holmdel High School’s athletic facilities. Police said staff members were watching to see who’d been leaving human feces on the property.

The 42-year-old Tramaglini is superintendent of the Kenilworth school district, about 25 miles away. He’s on paid leave from his $147,000-a-year job.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Tramaglini’s attorneys said they’d only been shown part of the surveillance video. The judge told attorneys for both sides to address the issue and return for a hearing at a later date.

Tramaglini and his attorneys didn’t comment as they left the courthouse.

Seattle quickly repeals ‘head tax’ that Amazon opposed


Amazon and Starbucks were pushing for voters to decide on the tax in November.

It would serve Seattle right if Amazon and Starbucks both moved their corporate headquarters out of Washington completely. 

Just a few weeks after enacting a so-called “head tax” Seattle’s City Council voted 7-2 to repeal it. It would have charged big businesses around $500 for each of their full-time employees in order to fund affordable housing and services for the homeless, but facing opposition from corporations like Amazon, local politicians blinked. According to GeekWire, Councilwoman Lisa Herbold said the repeal vote happened because “This is not a winnable battle.”

Amazon had paused work on a new HQ in the city after the original proposal came up, but resumed construction after a compromise dropped the fee to $275 per employee.

Forces against the levy (including Amazon and Starbucks) were funding a “No Tax on Jobs” campaign to put its fate on the ballot in November, and the Council believed it did not have the resources to win. In a statement, Amazon exec Drew Hardener said: “Today’s vote by the Seattle City Council to repeal the tax on job creation is the right decision for the region’s economic prosperity…We are deeply committed to being part of the solution to end homelessness in Seattle and will continue to invest in local nonprofits like Mary’s Place and FareStart that are making a difference on this important issue.”

USA Today Poll: Obama ‘worst president’ since World War II

That’s saying a lot when you come in behind George W. Bush and Richard Nixon! 

Poll: Obama ‘worst president’ since World War II

President Obama (Photo: Susan Walsh, AP) President Obama has topped predecessor George W. Bush in another poll, but not one he would like. In a new Quinnipiac University Poll, 33% named Obama the worst president since World War II, and 28% put Bush at the bottom of post-war presidents.

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11 Quick Things To Know About The Inspector General’s Report

1. Learn How To Interpret An IG Report

2. FBI Agent Who Led Both The Clinton and Trump Probes Promised He’d Prevent Trump’s Election

3. Comey Mishandled The Clinton Probe In Multiple Ways

4. Comey Is Slippery And Weird

5. FBI Has A Massive Leak Problem And Is Doing Nothing About It

6. FBI Almost Got Away With Ignoring Clinton Emails On Weiner Laptop

7. Breathtaking Bias

8. Clinton Got Breaks, But Some Backfired

9. Obama Lied When He Said He Knew Nothing About Hillary’s Secret E-mail Scheme

10. FBI Agent Joked Clinton Associate Who Lied Would Never Be Charged, Questioned Legitimacy Of Investigation

11 Quick Things To Know About The Inspector General’s Report

On Thursday, the Justice Department’s inspector general released a long-anticipated report on the FBI’s handling of the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server that handled classified information. Here are some quick takeaways from the report.

A student showed up to school in a KKK costume — reportedly with his teacher’s approval


It’s one thing to put on the robe in class to show students what it looked like (even that is questionable). 

It’s another thing to walk around school wearing it. 

A student who showed up to high school dressed as a Ku Klux Klansman did so as part of an assignment — reportedly with advance approval from a teacher.

Still, the head-to-toe costume — complete with infamous conical hood and a white, fabric mask with two holes for eyes — sparked outrage when classmates saw the student outside a history class at Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy in Wilmington, California, then learned the outfit was teacher-sanctioned, CNN affiliate KABC reported.
“It kind of rattled me. It was hard to believe that (the teacher) would allow a Klansman to walk around from her approval. So, we asked her, and she … compared the Klan to the Black Panther Party, which in my opinion are two different things,” rising senior Trinity Young told KABC. “So yeah, it was troubling.”

Canada’s Supreme Court Rejects Country’s Only Christian Law School


You cannot be a practicing Christian law school in Canada. 

Trinity Western University’s loss over its LGBT stance is seen as a blow to religious freedom.

Trinity Western University has lost a years-long legal fight to launch what would be the only Christian law school in Canada.

The Supreme Court of Canada considered a pair of appeals cases involving regional law societies that refused to accredit the Trinity Western program due to the evangelical institution’s student covenant, which prohibits sex outside of traditional marriage.

In Trinity Western University v. Law Society of Upper Canada and Trinity Western University v. The Law Society of British Columbia, justices sided 7-2 against TWU, calling it “proportionate and reasonable” to favor the rights of LGBT students over the school’s religious convictions.

Some legal experts say Friday’s decision has essentially “gutted” religious freedom protections. It also quashes the future of the school, which was slated to open as early as 2019 if the ruling had been in its favor, since Canadian law schools require the approval of provincial law societies to operate.

“Without question, the Trinity Western community is disappointed by this ruling,” said Earl Phillips, executive director of TWU’s proposed law school. “However, all Canadians should be troubled by today’s decision that sets a precedent for how the courts will interpret and apply Charter rights and equality rights going forward.”

The US is now Venezuela

Let’s socialize! Let’s have the government take over and run all of the companies. 

I cannot believe that a sitting member of Congress would threaten to “socialize” (she means seize) private companies.