Record cold summer in Denmark

NewImageNot just the day, not just the month, the entire summer. And records go back to 1874.

Another counter-example to anthropogenic global warming. 

“The Danish met-office (DMI), has come out with an announcement,” says reader Ole Jensen.

“It took them a few months, but better late than never, right?

Headline reads:

“Yes, the summer was miserable this year : Lowest daily high ever recorded”.

“Highest temp. recorded through the summer was 26.8 C., which is the lowest summer high since measurements began in 1874.

The weather this year has also been characterized by very few sunny hours and a lot of rain.


‘Fake news’ for a good cause? Viral polar bear video not what it seems


First, the video was filmed in late August, during the snowless months in the tundra, and then released in mid-December. 

Second, bears die. Everything dies. Capturing a dying bear on film doesn’t “prove” global warming. 

Here’s a great quote: 

“Fake news for a good cause can backfire and shred your credibility. That’s something nobody who’s concerned about the environment can afford to forget,” Margaret Wente of the Globe and Mail, wrote in an opinion piece on the subject.

Now the article: 

The viral video showing an emaciated and starving bear desperately searching for food has garnered massive attention around the world, but in the six days since its publication serious doubts have emerged among the scientific and indigenous communities.

Nunavut polar bear monitor Leo Ikakhik has been surveying the animal populations on the western shore of the Hudson Bay, Canada in the periphery of the Arviat community, for the last seven years, collaborating with organizations such as the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). His work involves harm reduction and conservation efforts; essentially limiting human contact with the polar bears.

“I wasn’t totally surprised. These things happen,” Ikakhik told CBC Radio. “Mother Nature is going to do part of that. You know, it’s just part of the cycle. Everybody probably was shocked to see a really skinny bear, but this is not my first time seeing something like this.”

The pushback against the video from the indigenous community has been strong.

Now from a biologist, not a photographer: 

“The video shows what appears to be an old male in declining health, but clear clinical signs of starvation aren’t obvious (e.g. convulsions),” polar bear biologist Andrew Derocher told The National Post. Derocher believes the bear may have succumb to an aggressive form of bone cancer. “Bears can respond to improved conditions: We’ve followed bears that went from bone racks to obese over a few months,” said Derocher.

Firm Behind Trump Dossier Offered Stories About Trump to Media – Reports


Earlier this year, Fusion GPS issued a dossier first published by BuzzFeed on Donald Trump, which later turned out to be funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Fusion GPS, the company behind the infamous dossier on Donald Trump’s alleged ties with Russia, has been pitching defamatory information about the US president to media outlets in Washington, including a story linking him with Jeffrey Epstein, US financier and convicted sex offender, The Washington Times newspaper reported, citing journalist sources.

The story about Trump’s contacts with Epstein, which first appeared in January 2016 in an article by Ken Silverstein for Vice News, claimed that the US president had several interactions with the financier, which included attending a major dinner together. Ironically, Bill Clinton, a former US president and husband of Trump’s election rival Hillary Clinton, appears to have closer ties with the financier, including multiple trips on Epstein’s private jet.

Here’s the quote:

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Pres. Trump: MSM’s Coverage is a ‘Stain on America’


President Trump called the MSM’s reporting a ‘stain on America.’

In a tweet Sunday, the president said there’s very little discussion about all the purposely false and defamatory stories put out by the Fake News Media.

He added that particular outlets are out of control, saying “correct reporting means nothing to them.”

The president says the mainstream media writes major lies, and is forced to withdraw the stories after they are exposed.

His comments come after a number of journalists reported false stories last week, and were forced to correct themselves.

On Monday morning the president fired back at The New York Times after the paper claimed he watches mainstream media to get fired up for the day.

In another tweet the president said he rarely, if ever, watches CNN or MSNBC, which he considers to be fake news.

His comments comes after the New York Times cited an anonymous source over the weekend, alleging he watches liberal outlets to get himself worked up before he starts tweeting.

Earlier this year, the president said he was forced to watch CNN in the Philippines because there was no other choice.

However, he says he doesn’t get much time to watch television due to his busy schedule.


Want More Jobs? Fight Occupational Licensing!

Getting a cosmetology license in Oregon requires 2,300 hours of classroom instruction, but getting a similar permit in New York requires a mere 1,000 hours of training. Are makeup artists in the Empire State putting the safety and welfare of their customers at risk, or would hairstylists in Portland probably be just fine if they could get certified without spending so much time and money on schooling.

It takes 10 times more educational hours to cut hair than to be an EMT


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