Yet More Bad News About Michael Mastro

If all of these allegations are true, this guy has some serious issues. From the Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Cuffs for man who allegedly threatened schools

Following another alleged threat against a business, judge says Mastro has no willingness or ability to control threatening tendencies

The 26-year-old Moscow man who allegedly threatened to “shoot up” two Moscow schools last month was arrested and taken into custody Wednesday on allegations of another threat, this time against a Coeur d’Alene business.

According to court documents, Michael Dana Mastro Jr. allegedly telephoned a collection agency in Coeur d’Alene on Tuesday and made  threats against a representative at the center for continuing to call his girlfriend. Mastro was charged with “use of a telephone to annoy, terrify, threaten, intimidate, harass, or offend,” a misdemeanor, which carries a maximum penalty of up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The alleged incident would be a violation of the conditions placed on Mastro’s misdemeanor charge of threatening violence on school grounds, which stemmed from a threat he allegedly made on YouTube against two Moscow schools in March.

If only there were evidence of obstruction & collusion

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If only there were evidence of obstruction & collusion

Equality Win: Apple Just Added Emojis For Polygamists


If you heard a faint screaming on the morning wind when you woke up today, that was us 🙂

We were yelling with joy, becauseApple just added a full set of emojis for polygamiststo the iPhone, and we. Can’t. Even.

We are literally feeling all the feels. This is such a huge win for equality. This is what George Washington died for. This is what Abraham Lincoln attacked the South for. This is literally why Hitler committed suicide.

The new emoji set contains several different characters depicting men with up to twelve different women, beautifully displaying the love between a man and his many wives. And can we say, it’s about time!

Becauselove is love, that’s why. And if you don’t like that, sorry!Bye Felicia!

Apple literally just slapped bigots in the face with their support of free love. Yes!

Love wins, bigots! Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it!

Via the Babylon Bee

California surpasses 1 million driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants

We are living in crazy times. 

California surpasses 1 million driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants

More than one million undocumented immigrants have obtained driver’s licenses under a historic state law known as AB 60, marking a significant milestone for advocates who say it’s improved road safety across California and has allowed immigrants to get behind the wheel – to get to work and the grocery store – without fear.

This Guy’s Story Just Keeps Getting Worse

NewImageThree separate stories about Michael Mastro. 

From Thursday

Large portion of MSD students absent Wednesday

Nearly 400 MSD students opted to stay home following alleged threat against district

Nearly one-sixth of Moscow School District students were absent from school Wednesday — the day Michael Mastro, 26, allegedly said he was going to “shoot up” two Moscow schools in a YouTube comment in late March.

MSD Superintendent Greg Bailey said on a typical school day approximately 70 to 90 students may be absent from school, but on Wednesday that number jumped to 379.
Leading up to Wednesday, there was some concern about how the threat would actually affect the school day, and it clearly had a significant effect on attendance, Bailey said.

From Wednesday: 

Moscow school threat suspect in jail for allegedly threatening a debt collector

The Moscow school threat suspect is in jail on a new allegation that he threatened a debt collector.  26 year old Michael Mastro of Moscow called a collection agency Tuesday on behalf of a friend and allegedly threatened a representative.  The case was reported to Moscow Police and officers obtained a warrant for his arrest.

Mastro was arrested early Wednesday morning and was booked into the Latah County Jail for misdemeanor telephone use to harass.  He was placed on 20,000 dollars bond in Latah County Second District Court.  The judge ordered that Mastro be kept in jail until he undergoes a mental health evaluation.

A misdemeanor threatening case is still pending against Mastro for his alleged threat against schools in Moscow from late last month.  He reportedly made the threat on YouTube posting the he would shoot up 2 schools in Moscow on April 18th.  Mastro was cited for the misdemeanor under a new Idaho law.  The initial case didn’t lead to his arrest but the judge ordered that he not threatened anyone.  Moscow Police determined that Mastro was not capable of carrying out the school threat.  Officers will continue their extra patrols in school zones that were instituted after the alleged threat was made.

Also from Wednesday

Suspect in Moscow Schools threat case in jail

The 26 year old man accused of threatening to shoot up schools in Moscow on today’s date is in jail.  Michael Mastro of Moscow was booked into the Latah County Jail early this morning for misdemeanor telephone use to harass.  Mastro was placed on 20,000 dollars bond this morning during his first appearance in Latah County Magistrate Court.  A warrant for his arrested was granted yesterday.  The City of Moscow is expected to issue a press release today regarding the most recent allegations against Mastro.  He is still charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly threatening to shoot up schools in Moscow.  Mastro reportedly made the threat in a post on YouTube late last month and stated that he would carry out the attack today.  Moscow Police determined that he did not have the capability to carry out the threat.  He was not arrested in that case and was issued a misdemeanor citation.

From Friday

Moscow Police Release name of man who threatened schools

Moscow Police have released the name of the man cited in Moscow for allegedly threatening to shoot up two schools in Moscow on April 18th. The suspect, 26-year-old Michael D. Mastro Jr. of Moscow,  was cited for violation of Idaho Code 18-3302(I), “Threatening Violence Upon School Grounds” a new Idaho law that allowed police to cite Mastro for making the threats. Moscow Police say Mastro did not have access to firearms and believe he wasn’t able to carry out the alleged threat.