They Can’t Be Too Worried About Global Warming

NewImage“Do as I say and not as I do.”

As my mom always said: action speaks louder than words. They aren’t very worried about global warming. 

Via the UK’s Guardian:

This weekend, 25,000 Earth, Sun, and planetary scientists from across the US and abroad flew to New Orleans for the annual American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting. These scientists study the impact global warming is having on Earth. Unfortunately, their air travel to and from the meeting will contribute to that warming by emitting around 30,000 tonnes of CO2.

As an Earth scientist and AGU member myself, I know the importance of their work. Still, there’s something wrong with this picture. As scientists, our work informs us – with dreadful clarity and urgency – that burning fossil fuel is destroying the life support systems on our planet. There’s already more than enough science to know we need to stop. Yet most scientists burn more than the average American, simply because they fly more.


Prof: Academic rigor reinforces ‘power and privilege’

NewImageThere should be zero tax dollars going to fund this kind of nonsense. 

This is the bigotry of low expectations on steroids. 

And no surprise that she taught at Smith College…

The leader of Purdue University’s School of Engineering Education recently declared that academic “rigor” reinforces “white male heterosexual privilege.”

Donna Riley, who previously taught engineering at Smith College for 13 years, published an article in the most recent issue of the journal Engineering Education, arguing that academic rigor is a “dirty deed” that upholds “white male heterosexual privilege. 

Defining rigor as “the aspirational quality academics apply to disciplinary standards of quality,” Riley asserts that “rigor is used to maintain disciplinary boundaries, with exclusionary implications for marginalized groups and marginalized ways of knowing.”

Via Campus Reform

US Targets Some 1Mln Illegals With Pending Deportation Orders

NewImageI don’t understand the outrage. 

If they are here legally, then be outraged. 

If they are here Illegally, then send them home. 

As one who studied abroad for a year of college and who has traveled extensively, including Communist East Block nations back in the 1970s, I can tell you how other countries handle visitors who overstay their visas. 

Next time you see me in person, ask me about my visa that was expiring in Leipzig, East Germany, and trying to get it renewed. Quite a story. 

President Donald Trump’s administration aims to clear a massive backlog of 1 million illegal aliens who continue to live in the United States, despite pending deportation orders, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday.

According to Nielsen, the US plans to hire an additional 10,000 immigration officers in the coming months.

The MS-13 gang has become a key target of the Trump administration as part of a larger crackdown on illegal immigration, especially against aliens who have been convicted of violent crimes. Last month, authorities arrested more than 200 members of the MS13 gang in a nationwide sweep.

Appearing with Nielsen, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that MS13 and other international criminal gangs had taken advantage of “our porous borders and previously lax immigration enforcement.” 

Sessions explained that MS13 had more than 10,000 members across 40 states making the Central-American-based syndicate one of the most dangerous gangs in America.

As an example, Sessions cited the murder of 15-year-old Damaris Reyes Rivas, whose body was discovered in an industrial park in February after going missing in the suburban Washington, DC suburb of Gaithersburg.

Sessions said the victim had been stabbed 13 times with knives and a wooden stake and that killers had filmed the murder to show gang leaders in El Salvador. Ten members of MS13 have been charged with the teenager’s murder.

Earlier this month, GOP Congressman Todd Rokita was expected to introduce a bill that could impose fines and prison terms on officials sheltering undocumented immigrants from deportation.

The bill coincided with the US decision to end its participation in the UN process to develop a Global Compact on Migration (GCM), the withdrawal being explained by Washington as the country’s sovereign right to secure its borders.

‘Urine on streets and riots’: Parisians threaten hunger strike over migrant camps

NewImageYou would think that they would blame their leaders and themselves. 

Parisians are up in arms over hundreds of migrants sleeping on their streets, queuing up in long lines, day and night, while waiting for their asylum requests to be processed, and some residents say they will start a hunger strike if the unkempt street camps are not removed. 

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