NSA’s plan for expansion reminds us of a battle plan

Many, many factually incorrect statements in this editorial. I had hoped better of the Daily News

See how many factual errors you can find. 

New Saint Andrews College, the tiny institution of classical education closely tied to Doug Wilson’s Christ Church, is about to expand from Fourth and Main streets downtown to the former Cadillac Jack’s building about five blocks north.

CJ’s will come off the tax rolls in the process. That’s the bad news. The good news is it will not sit vacant. Instead, it will get a big facelift.

It will be filled with music students, as many as 300 of them and as many as 47 teachers. For a college that has a mere 165 students at its Fourth and Main campus, that would be incredible growth. NSA doesn’t expect it will happen overnight.

While the jazz-centric University of Idaho music school is teaching the Great American Songbook, NSA will no doubt focus on the Great American Hymnal and classic works of sacred music.

If the new school draws the same sort of students as NSA now does, they will be distinctively polite and conservatively dressed. They’ll shop and eat downtown during the day and live in the neighborhoods at night, often staying in homes of Christ Church members.

The move is the source of considerable alarm to some who detest Wilson’s theology and fear they are seeing another step in his one-time claim that Moscow was just the right size city for a decades-long takeover campaign – being neither too small to matter nor too big to be practical.

While Pastor Wilson seems proud of his anti-gay, pro-slavery, patriarchal provocateur status, his individual parishioners go out of their way to politely fly below the radar.

Meanwhile, Christ Church, Trinity Reformed Church, Logos School, New Saint Andrews College, Canon Press and a few other members of that ecclesiastical family continue to thrive. In addition, there are several businesses owned or managed by church members sprinkled about downtown, most notably, perhaps, from an employment standpoint, EMSI on Jackson Street.

No doubt you could say the same about businesses owned or managed by members of any other church – or no church at all. None of them, however, have leaders who have proclaimed any intent to take over Moscow at some point.

Whether braggadocio or not, the specter of theocracy on the Palouse bears resistance.

Cold War Patrol Pin


A friend posted a photo from the Cold War memorial in Mt. Pleasant, SC. These submarines were nicknamed the “41 for Freedom.”

I’ve spent 3.5 years of my life underwater onboard submarines. The first submarine I served on is listed there: USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN-634)

Did you catch the names of these submarines? Quite a diverse group of names, including the USS Robert E. Lee. 

These submarines were named during a period of US history before the progressives relabeled confederates as Nazis. 

I enjoy wearing my USS Stonewall Jackson jacket around Moscow. I’m often asked about it, and it gives me the opportunity to educate our townspeople (especially UI students) about our military history. 

I’m afraid this 30+ year old coat has seen better days, though. 

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America has a retirement problem, not a saving problem

Because many desire to turn 65 and sit back in a rocking chair for the rest of their lives. Or at least lead lives of leisure, at the expense of future generations. People who are 65+ have much to give to society other than removing themselves from the workforce.  

Cash-strapped pensioners: America has a retirement problem, not a saving problem | The Economist

HOUSE Resolution 67, which Donald Trump signed last week, rolls back a rule that the Labor Department finalised late last year, which would have made it easier for cities and counties to run retirement savings plans for citizens who couldn’t get them through work.

Bill Nye blows gasket when a real scientist schools him on facts about ‘climate change’

Bill Nye, the Science Guy (who has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering) was recently tutored on climate change by a real scientist: William Happer, a physicist at Princeton University.

Here’s the false modeling that the physicist was talking about. 


The CNN “New Day Saturday” panel, which included Nye and William Happer, a physicist at Princeton University,” became heated after Happer said the climate change that Nye talks about is a “myth.”

“There’s this myth that’s developed around carbon dioxide that it’s a pollutant, but you and I both exhale carbon dioxide with every breath. Each of us emits about two pounds of carbon dioxide a day, so are we polluting the planet?” Happer, who has advised President Donald Trump on climate issues, said.

“Carbon dioxide is a perfectly natural gas, it’s just like water vapor, it’s something that plants love. They grow better with more carbon dioxide, and you can see the greening of the earth already from the additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” he explained.

Nye hit back and said Happer didn’t understand the “rate,” or speed at which carbon dioxide is entering the atmosphere. Then he ripped CNN for not having only climate change alarmists on their network.

“And I will say, much as I love the CNN, you’re doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change,” Nye said.

When asked why he’s a skeptic, Happer — a real scientist — explained that climate change alarmism is built on a dishonest foundation.

“Let me point out that science is not like passing a law,” he said. “You don’t have a vote to say how many are for the law of gravity and how many are against — it’s based on observations. And if you observe what’s happening to, for example, the temperature, the temperature is not rising nearly as fast as the alarmist computer models predicted. It’s much, much less — factors of two or three less. So the whole basis for the alarmism is not true, it’s based on flawed computer modeling.”

Nye, who is not a real scientist, immediately shot back at Happer.

“That’s completely wrong,” Nye shot back. “He’s cherry picking a certain model. The heat ended up in the ocean. This is not controversial in mainstream science, everybody.”

Harvard tells students gender can ‘change from day to day’

Harvard tells students gender can ‘change from day to day’

The office of BGLTQ Student Life at Harvard University has released a new school-sponsored guide telling students to “fight transphobia” and “get the facts about gender diversity.” The guide, which was distributed to students on campus, declares that “there are more than two sexes” and that “gender is fluid and changing,” adding that someone’s gender identity “can be affirmed and/or expressed in many ways,” and can even “change from day to day.”