About the Grain Silos . . .


From a local Moscow pastor:  

Earlier this week a number of you may have noticed that our local paper carried a story, with an above-the-fold headline, in which they said that a Christ Church elder was in the process of buying the old grain silos downtown. Now it wouldn’t be our local paper if they hadn’t gotten some things wrong, and other things correct, just to keep us guessing. But the overall point of the article was clearly malevolent, bigoted, and measured by their own standards of righteousness, illegal.

How should we respond to this kind of thing? Fortunately, the Bible tells us how to respond when we are misrepresented. We are explicitly told to rejoice, and to be exceedingly glad about it (Matt. 5:12). That’s the first thing. God is always in control. That never changes.

Second, pray for Andrew and Elise. They have a great perspective on it, in line with what I just said, but at the same time it is never a picnic to go through this kind of thing. “That’ll teach you kirkers who want to bless your town—how dare you try to preserve a historic landmark?”

Third, keep your eye on the strategic ball, which means continuing to pray for New St. Andrew’s attempts to buy the old CJ’s building downtown in order to put a musical conservatory there. This article was clearly an attempt to poison that well, and to feed the conspiratorial mindset that unfortunately our local progressives have regressed into. So follow the CUP hearings, pray as requested, and show up if requested. Even though they want to poison the well, we can still keep our water clean.

And last, in light of all the above, maintain a robust and healthy sense of humor. Love God, love His Word, and roll with it.