26 foot US Coast Guard vessel lost on the Snake River crew of 5 OK


So here’s a weird one. Via KQQQ

The US Coast Guard has confirmed that 5 petty officers are OK after their 26 foot vessel capsized on the Lower Snake River near Little Goose Dam today. The #USCG Aids to Navigation Team stationed in Kennewick was working on the river when the mishap occurred. The crew ended up in the river. A fisherman in a boat rescued the crew members and took them back to where they put in, 28 river miles away at the Illia Dunes boat launch.

Whitman County Sheriff’s Deputies and volunteers from Whitman County Fire District 11 out of Colfax and District 12 out of Pullman were called to the scene by an unidentified caller. That report had the vessel capsized and people in the water just 4 river miles from Illia, miles from where the USCG claims the mishap occurred. By the time local rescue crews arrived the petty officers had left the area. Sheriff Brett Myers says they received a report that the vessel was capsized and was still floating. Deputes are continuing to search for the boat. Local authorities have had no contact with the crew members involved in the accident.

The USCG is sending mishap board investigators to the river to begin investigating the incident and search for the vessel. No word as to what caused the boat to capsize. The USCG doesn’t know how much fuel was on board. They have notified the US Army Corps of Engineers about their 26 foot vessel which is now lost in the shipping channel.