City hires design consultant for Third Street bridge

Here comes the bridge! 

The city of Moscow has selected design consultant Keller Associates for the Third Street multimodal bridge, which is budgeted for 2018 construction.
Public Works Director Les MacDonald said Keller Associates has offices in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and California, with the closest located in Clarkston.
MacDonald said it is unknown at this point what traffic calming and safety measures will be installed on the Third Street corridor as the city is in the beginning of the corridor assessment process. He said the city will look at a wide range of factors to determine the measures.
MacDonald said he expects to discuss the current layout of the Third Street corridor and possible traffic calming measures with the Moscow Transportation Commission at its next meeting. The next regularly scheduled Transportation Commission meeting is 4 p.m. Nov. 9 at City Hall.

Stanford professor getting death threats over ‘gaydar’ research

NewImageHow funny. Gays brag about their “gaydar”, but put it to research and they’ll kill you. 

The New York Times takes a look at the quagmire Kosinski finds himself in following his decision to try—and, in some fashion, succeed—at building what many are referring to as “AI gaydar.” The Stanford Graduate School of Business professor tells the Times he decided to attempt to use facial recognition analysis to determine whether someone is gay to flag how such analysis could reveal the very things we want to keep private.

Now he’s getting death threats. The Times delves into the research—first highlighted by the Economist in early September—and the many bones its many critics have to pick with it.

Humans who looked at the photos correctly identified a woman as gay or straight 54% of the time, and men 61%; the program, when given five photos per person, got it right 83% of the time for women and 91% for men.

One critic explains that while 91% might sound impressive, it’s not. In a scenario where 50 out of every 1,000 people are gay, the program would identify 130 as gay (.91 correct times 50 and .09 wrong times 950); it would be right about 45 of those people, and wrong about 85.

Latinos go to college — but few earn 4-year degrees

So we steal the money that they spend to go to college, and they rack up huge college loans. Brilliant. 

Via Joanne Jacobs: 

Latinos’ high school graduation rates have soared and they’re far more likely to enroll in two- and four-year colleges. However Latino college graduation rates have stalled, reports Catherine Gewertz in Education Week.

“Only two in 10 Latinos earn bachelor’s degrees, compared to nearly 1 in 3 blacks and 45 percent of whites,” according to a new report from the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, Latino Education and Economic Progress: Running Faster but Still Behind.

Two-thirds of Latino students enroll in community colleges with low graduation rates, the study finds.

However, 60 percent of Latinos complete certificates, compared to a 47 percent completion rate for whites and 37 percent for blacks. As a result, Latinos have made progress in qualifying for “middle-skill” jobs that require some college but not a four-year degree.

While Latinos with high SAT/ACT test scores are as likely as whites to enroll in college, 63 percent of high-scoring Latinos complete a degree or other credential compared to 78 percent of whites with similar test scores.

Latinos have improved their rate of degree completion, but not as much as whites and African-Americans have. In the last 15 years, the proportion of Latinos with college degrees rose from 35 percent to 45 percent. But that 10-percentage-point gain is outpaced by the gains of black students (22 percentage points) and white students (16 points), according to the Georgetown study.

Six in 10 U.S.-born Latinos have some postsecondary education, compared to only one-third of Latino immigrants.

KIPP helps its graduates select colleges with good success rates for first-generation students, then links them to mentors, writes Richard Whitmire.

Not Even Lincoln Is Spared the Wrath of the Statue Topplers


Who would have guessed the author of the Gettysburg Address was a white supremacist? Sic semper tyrannis indeed.

Lindsay Marchello writes:

It began with Confederate monuments, but it was only a matter of time before the history of everyone ever commemorated in America was in dispute. Even Abraham Lincoln.

The statue of the 16th president and liberator of slaves at the top of Bascom Hill is one of the most beloved sites on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Graduating students and their families wait in line for hours in the spring to have their pictures taken in Lincoln’s lap.

Wunk Sheek, an indigenous student group, does not share this sentiment. The group has charged that a statue of Lincoln has no place on campus.

“Everyone thinks of Lincoln as the great, you know, freer of slaves, but let’s be real: He owned slaves, and as natives, we want people to know that he ordered the execution of native men,” Misha Johnson, co-president of fiscal relations for Wunk Sheek told the Daily Cardinal, one of the student newspapers. “Just to have him here at the top of Bascom is just really belittling.”

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